Employee Productivity

Only 30% of employees are engaged, this leaves 70% who do not care for their colleagues, your customers or business.

Use the Mambo.IO platform to increase the knowledge, satisfaction and performance of employees. With gamification you can drive the adoption of all your enterprise applications and improve the overall health of your business.

Here are some of the areas within your organisation which can benefit from gamification:

Collaboration Systems

Maximise your company’s collaboration investments by incentivising key behaviours to spur adoption, contribution and overall engagement.

Sales Motivation and Efficiency

Drive efficiency into your sales team by rewarding your people for completing sales processes which add to your bottom line.

Support Quality

Boost the quality and effectiveness of your customer and employee support by rewarding agents for exceptional performance.

Learning & Training

Maximise the return on your learning and training investments by providing engaging experiences which recognise your employees status within the organisation.

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