eLearning and Training

A majority of employees consider learning and training an additional burden on top of their existing work load.

Use gamification to maximise the enjoyment and engagement of your audience by capturing the learners interests and inspiring them to continue learning. The Mambo.IO Platform can stimulate attendance, contributions and increase focus on meaningful activities.

Here are some of the areas where gamification can be applied to motivate learners:

Compliance Training

Increase the completion rate of compliance training by creating challenging and rewarding experiences.

Employee Development

Boost the productivity of your workforce by providing a clear development path which stimulates the adoption of your business processes.

Career Planning

Avoid the loss of valuable employees by supplying them with clear goals to accomplish that allow them to progress their careers.


Maximise the potential of your new hire orientation process by providing an engaging and interactive experience.


Drive the stickiness of your elearning content by allowing your employees to visualise their accomplishments and progress.

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