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Encourage Positive Behavior in Finance Customers and Employees

In banking and financial services, two significant engagement gaps exist: one between the brand promise and employee delivery, and another between company goals and customer service. Gamification serves as a crucial tool in bridging these gaps and enhancing engagement strategies. Explore our Gamification in Banking infographic to learn how global financial companies leverage gamification to boost engagement.

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Using Gamification to Improve

Contact Center Performance

The industry let’s us know that employee engagement is a real problem. A problem with real costs associated to it. The silverlining is that solving this problem has the potential to unlock your profits, reduce your costs and improve customer retention. So how do you keep your employees focused? What benefits can you get from using gamification in your contact center?

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Maximise the Potential of your

Software Development Teams

Developers often work on similar tasks, honing their skills until tasks become routine, which can reduce motivation. To keep developers engaged, provide clear goals, career development paths, recognition, and rewards. Discover the benefits of applying gamification to your software development processes.

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Gamification in learning inforgraphic cover.

Successful Learning with


Effective onboarding and training are vital for business success, leading to improved customer experiences, increased sales, and higher satisfaction. So how can we match businesses excelling in learning? What role does gamification play in enhancing knowledge retention ?

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Transforming Performance

Management with Gamification

Poor management skills have lasting impacts on an organization. Effective performance management aligns company and employee objectives. How can you set expectations and integrate corporate and individual goals? Do regular progress discussions occur? How can real-time recognition boost engagement? Discover how gamification can transform your workplace.

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Be Proactive About Engagement

Using Gamification in your Business

When you have disengaged employees, you will come across higher rates of absenteeism, lack of productivity, poor collaboration, poor customer service, higher turnover, no participation in communities, and the list goes on. Using Enterprise Gamification in your business helps you identify the core drivers of your employees’ engagement. It helps you set the correct KPIs to measure performance and to coach your employees towards an ideal level of performance.

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Make it Fun to Be your Fan

Using Gamification in Mobile Apps

Let your app users explore, progress, compete and win. Designing a custom gamified experience will not only take your app engagement to the next level but will also turn casual users into regular visitors and loyal consumers. What are highly engaged users more likely to do for your app? Checkout the infographic to see our top 8 benefits of using gamification for mobile apps.

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