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We provide companies with the most actionable gamification tools to effectively motivate people. At Mambo we want to solve what impacts your growth goals the most: lack of engagement.

Creating Next Generation Solutions

Mambo.IO is the leading on-premise gamification platform provider. Mambo’s platform has finally democratized gamification and made it available to companies of all sizes. Use gamification to stimulate customer loyalty, drive employee engagement and increase adoption of your e-learning and training initiatives.

Meet the Leadership Team

Alessandro Giannone
Alessandro Giannone


Alessandro is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for games, coding and coffee. Previously Co-Founder and Director of Kioos, and Co-Founder and Director of SambaStream Ltd acquired by Alfresco in 2011. Alessandro is also a board member of Cocoa Invest Ltd, an Investment Portfolio Management company.

Tommaso Leonardi
Tommaso Leonardi


Tommaso holds a PhD degree in computational Biology and prior to joining Mambo he was a research group leader at the Center for Genomic Science of the Italian Institute of Technology. Throughout his career he has developed expertise in algorithms, data science and high performance computing applied to solving complex problems. Before joining Mambo full-time in January 2022 he acted as a technical advisor in the areas of DevOps, algorithms and data structures.

Marcia Kanazawa
Marcia Kanazawa


Marcia is a results-driven marketing leader, known for innovation and a unique mix of strategic, creative, operational and technical abilities. Doctor of Dental Medicine. MS Degree in Orthodontics and Facial Orthopedics.

Rafael Mendes
Rafael Mendes


Rafael has been programming since he was 8 years old. He is a bachelor, master and Ph.D in Computer Science, with focus in probabilistic AI algorithms applied to Cloud Computing autonomous management. Passionate about voting, game, decision, control and gambling theories. He is always looking for computing patterns in economics, politics and social life.

Rémi Ribas
Rémi Ribas


Remi has been growing organisations of all shapes and sizes on a few continents and he is now coming back to software, his first love. Curious by nature, Remi enjoys to solve his customers' problems and is obsessed with value. Remi is a sports enthusiast on land or at sea. Remi has a LL.B & LL.M at Trinity College Dublin.

Our Core Values


After the big bang the world wasn’t very hospitable but look at what continuous iterations did.


“We cannot solve problems with the same thinking we used when we created them” – Albert Einstein


Simply put it empowers people to change and grow, it earns respect and builds deeper connections.

Happy Clients

No Surprises. Build Trust. Be Polite. Set realistic expectations. Communicate, communicate, communicate.


Smart people challenge their beliefs, motivate others, take lead and encourage everyone to be productive.


No contraints on location, the world is our oyster. Be where you are happy. Be where you excel.

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