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Turn workers into self-motivated experts

Add gamification in remote work to  increase employees’ engagement, focus and hard work using:

  • Peer-to-peer recognition
  • Intrinsic and extrinsic rewards
  • Feedback mechanics
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Keep distributed teams together

Keep distributed teams together

Remote work or flexplace arrangement brings out a new world of advantages. Now it’s possible to hire top employees around the world with flexible schedules, reduced commuting time and costs. But it also means difficulty in keeping up the levels of employee productivity, team spirit and peer-to-peer connections.

Use Mambo to increase employee engagement and commitment in a rewarding way.

Provide a manageable set of subtasks and tasks. Track behaviours in real-time. Reward achievements and incentivise desirable actions.

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Gamification platform to engage remote workers

Gamification platform to engage remote workers

Build collaborative remote teams

Provide a sense of completion and recognise remote workers for their progress.

Provide a sense of completion and recognise remote workers for their progress.

96% of employees enjoy gaming elements in their tasks

Up to 50% increase in company productivity

Integrate gamification and keep teams together

 Integrate gamification and keep teams together

Incentivise social activities and engage teams with exciting competitions and peer-to-peer recognition.

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Create a personalised experience and reduce burnout

Create a personalised experience and reduce burnout

Transform tedious business-critical processes into missions and challenges that are fun to achieve. Create your own engagement strategy based on an advanced points system to motivate remote workers with:

  • virtual currency
  • badges
  • leaderboards
  • competitions
  • rewards
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Top gamification benefits for remote work

Design a custom gamification strategy for managers and employees— where leaderboards, KPIs and more can be securely accessed and managed from any device.

Update processes for recruitment, onboarding, sales, call centres and other departments. Go paperless and automate complex workflows — discard expensive legacy systems and processes.

Empower managers to see their team’s KPI performance and follow their progress team’s progress in relation to others. Reward high performers and help low performers with training.

Keep remote employees motivated and support valued employees. Promote a positive corporate culture. Be recommended as a company and avoid costly turnover.

Motivate employees to learn and participate in training. Give goals, and rewards and measure employee progress to drive desirable behaviours and improve efficiency and ROI.

With a real-time dashboard in one centralised place, empowering the whole team with visibility into personal development prospects is seamless and reduces leaving rates.

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