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Turn Key Performance with Mambo’s Gamification Platform

Hitting company goals and ensuring the best performance from your people is easier said than done. With Mambo's gamification platform you can clearly communicate your expectations and give people a way to constantly monitor their progress.

A Gamification Platform to

Gain Insights and Measure Impact

Use Mambo’s powerful analytics and reporting solution to gain actionable insights into your programs performance. Set targets, measure and iterate continously to maximise the potential of your programs.

  • Choose from a wide variety of data sets, including activities, behaviours, rewards and points broken down by day, cumulative or by user

  • Group together related data sets to create coherent and personalised dashboards which you can save and share with other administrators

  • Customise your dashboard widgets with different chart types, data zoom for large data sets and date range comparisons to check the evolution of your programs

A Gamification Platform to

Define and Track User Behaviours

Every business is made of behaviours which employees and customers need to perform in order for you to meet your business objectives. The Mambo Gamification Platform allows you to:

  • Define, track and reward any behaviour which is critical to your business success

  • Drive Key Performance Indicators by clearly communicating important behaviours to employees and customers

  • Analyse and report on behavioural data to get insights deeper than page views

A Gamification Platform to

Set Key Performance Indicator (KPIs)

Use KPIs to translate your business strategy into manageable actions based on data you collect and monitor. Clear goals and targets motivate employees to stay on track.

  • Track data coming from 3rd party systems, such as Average Hold Time (AHT) or Sales Volume. Or track internal metrics such as behaviours and rewards.

  • Define clear targets based on time periods and which groups of users you are targeting. For example, differentiate targets based on a Contact Center team’s customer.

  • Guide users with custom defined Red Amber Green (RAG) statuses and by rewarding them for hitting targets.

A Gamification Platform to

Measure and Reward Progress

The Mambo.IO Gamification Platform allows you to define a variety of rewards that align to your business objectives. Recognise employees and customers for taking action whether it is a one-off, progression towards a goal or completing a business process.

  • Achievements help you recognise users for behaviours which have a meaningful impact on your objectives

  • Levels and Custom Points allow you to track and reward progress towards virtually any kind of goal

  • Missions help you structure related rewards in order to form incentivised business processes or complex tasks

  • Contextual and personalised rewards allows them to fit seamlessly into your existing business processes and applications

  • Time-bound and resettable rewards allow you to incentivise repeat behaviours or meet recurring objectives

A Gamification Platform to

Give Real-time Feedback with Notifications

Feedback is essential in any modern organisation. It is a clear exchange of information involving both performance expected and performance exhibited. Top performing companies are good at receiving feedback and giving feedback.

  • Give feedback to users who perform valuable behaviours, positively reinforcing them

  • Notify users of completed milestones, progression targets and other goals

  • Shine a spotlight on peer-to-peer recognition with instant notifications

A Gamification Platform to

Get Competitive with Leaderboards

Leaderboards are a great way to stimulate some friendly competition and allow users to compare themselves to their peers.

  • Behavioural and point based leaderboards allow you to rank users based on behaviours, points or a combination of the two

  • Time-based and scheduled leaderboards allow you to measure in daily, weekly or even monthly periods

  • Partition leaderboards with tags to create rankings based on city, role, department, team or any other segment

” We needed a mobile app for all employees to bring all employees closer together. Mambo gamification platform gave us a head start with all the underlying gamification functionalities and was quickly able to fill the gaps in peer-to-peer recognition when we asked.
Dieter Van Den Bosch
Corporate Change & Culture Officer

A Gamification Platform to

Increase Engagement and Awareness using Activity Streams

Activity streams help to surface information allowing users to keep up with what is going on. All the behaviours being done and the rewards being earned are shown. You can then apply the power of filters to segment your activity streams.

  • Filter the streams to show only behaviours, rewards or individual user activities

  • Apply tags to create personalized streams for specific groups of users e.g. The HR Stream!

  • Display rich contextual data for behaviours such as the training course completed or the sales targets hit

A Gamification Platform to

Segment & Personalize User Experiences with Tags

Boost engagement by segmenting and personalizing the interactions of your users with your gamified application. Users expect to have experiences designed for their individual preferences and interests. Using a one-size fits all approach will not generate the long-term engagement you are looking for. Use tags to achieve the personal experience your users want.

  • Regular tags allow you to group related game mechanics and retrieve them as a unit. For example, if you’re creating an onboarding strategy you can tag the relevant mechanics and later retrieve them as a group.

  • Personalization tags allow you to auto-magically filter the game mechanics based on the current user’s context. For example, say you have grouped game mechanics by HR Department and Sales Department using personalization tags. Now give your HR users the HR tag and they will auto-magically have access to those HR Department mechanics.

  • Tags can also be used to create segmented leaderboards and activity streams

A Gamification Platform to

Increase Productivity with Peer-to-Peer Recognition

Recognition in the work place inceases productivity. Plain and simple. It builds mutual respect amongst colleagues and manage rs. It creates an environment where people feel comfortable communicating.

  • Create custom types of rewards and points to be used for recognition

  • Allow users to send each other gifts and written feedback

  • Allow users to see their history of recognitions and feedback received

A Gamification Platform to

Give Tangible Benefits and Goods using the Coupon System

The coupon system allows you to bridge the gap between digital motivation and real world benefits. Strike a balance between the two and you’ll have a receipe for engagement.

  • Reward users with coupons which can be exchanged for discounts, free shipping, tangible goods or custom benefits

  • Advanced validation verifies that users actually have access to the coupons avoiding internet sharing bonanzas

  • Give coupons in exchange for redeemable points or for earning rewards

A Gamification Platform to

Track User Purchases

When you’re running an ecommerce it’s always important to stay on top of the purchases being made by your customers. The Mambo.IO gamification platform enables purchases to be tracked with detailed product information.

Using the CRM you can drill down into individual users and see their purchase habits as well as a high level summary of all their purchases.

The platform will let you know exactly how many purchases have been made using Coupons generated by the Mambo.IO platform which in turn allows you to determine the effectivness of you loyalty strategy.

A Gamification Platform to

Get Started Quickly with Off-the-Shelf Widgets

Create a compelling gamification strategy and use the Mambo widget library to display it to your users.

  • Get started quickly with a full range of widgets: header, profile, how to earn points, leaderboards, activity streams and notifications

  • Easily customise the widget behaviours using any one of their properties and settings

  • Select a widget theme or replace the templates with your own to create a custom look & feel

  • Get 100% flexibility by connecting to the widget APIs and building your own branded experience

A Gamification Platform to

Get User Insights with CRM

Understanding the interaction of your customers and employees with your applications is critical to the success of your gamification strategy. The Mambo.IO Gamification Platform provides deep customer and employee insights through our powerful CRM interface.

  • Segment your user base by behaviours, rewards, points, activities and many other criteria

  • Drill into individual user profiles to see a detailed breakdown of their activities over time

  • Manually manage user’s activities, reject changes, blacklist users and reset their profiles

A Gamification Platform with 

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Easy Integration

Mambo.IO features rich REST APIs which allow you to easily integrate any digital product including mobile devices. SDKs are available in Java, CSharp and PHP as well as a JavaScript SDK which includes our off-the-shelf widgets

Powerful Engine

Fully featured and extremely flexible, the Mambo.IO gamification platform is ideal for any gamification strategy. The engine is in constant evolution thanks to our customers feedback and our continous delivery process


Thanks to it’s API driven nature, our gamication platform can be easily extended. Need your gamification platform to do something specific? Build on our APIs and get there quicker!

Technology Stack

Mambo.IO gamification platform is built using robust and scalable enterprise technology. The engine has been developed in Java and MongoDB provides a hugely scalable database. The platform can be run on both Linux and Windows environments.

Language Support

The Mambo.IO gamification platform has support for backend and game mechanic translations. Today the platform is available in English and Portuguese but we’re open to receiving any other translations!

Customer Feedback

Our customers are at the heart of our business. We recognise that it is our customers who have enabled us to continue evolving the technology in the right direction. So we renew our commitment with every customer and try to make them an integral part of our evolution.


The Mambo.IO gamification platform is the leading on-premise platform. On-premise is ideal if you have stringent data privacy regulations to adhere to or large volumes of users to handle.

On-Premise Perpetual

The perpetual license allows you to purchase Mambo gamification platform in a one-off payment. Ideal for those looking to make a capex investment rather than an opex expenditure.


Mambo.IO gamification platform offers a hosted alternative for companies which do not wish to manage the infrastructure or have no specific data handling requirements.

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