Drive intrinsic motivation and boost sales

Exploit gamification in retail to engage customers and sales teams with daily, weekly or monthly challenges, missions and goals.

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Drive customer loyalty and retention in retail

Creating interactive customers experiences to drive loyalty, brand awareness, increase leads or to acquire new customers is a difficult task. Not to mention keeping employees’ attention on work tasks, ensuring they are familiar with new products, and up-to-date on company developments.

Let your brand engage with your customers. Create an ultimate loyalty program. Motivate them to return to your store and create a lasting impact your sales. Boost motivation in employees and help them absorb and retain  important information. Track behaviours and make sure daily, weekly and monthly tasks are being completed.

The benefits of gamification in retail

  • Increase time spent in your store

  • Drive new and returning customers to your store

  • Increase performance in call centres, crm, sales team, or any  other sector of your company

  • Track employees and customers activities

  • Improve quality of existing software

  • Facilitate onbording process

  • Promote brand awareness

  • Improve customer retention and loyalty

  • Accelerate customer acquisition

  • Get more insights into customers preferences

Gamification examples in retail

Improve employee performance

Give a goal, and establish a purpose. Help employees to develop new skills and retain information at work. Communicate your objectives clearly to them and allow them to monitor their progress and growth over time. Reward their achievements and allow them the freedom to choose their development paths. Ensure they are aligned with company values.

Empower your contact center staff

Deliver outstanding customer service and promote a positive brand image. Recognise efforts. Measure results to reduce absenteeism, average hold time, average abandonment rate, and agent turn-over. Increase speed and communication skills.

Drive more online sales 

Convert in-store customers into online ones and increase the sales conversion rate. Offer stickers or points to encourage a customer to buy more of the product or any other goals the company may have in mind. Create a modern loyalty program.

Master mobile engagement

Build an app that sticks. Provide a greater user experience. Motivate users to level up by completing behaviours critical to your business. Give points for reviews. Add value to their purchase offering a new discount valid for 30 days. Hook their interest offering tangible benefits for sharing your app or recommending it to friends.

Engage customers to spend more time in your shop

When you entertain customers you also make them more exposed to your brand, new products, special promotions, discounts and sales. Reward them with best ranking positions using points and badges for frequent visits, reviews and purchases.

Build a complete reward program

Create a VIP program to allow customers to preview exclusive sales ahead of regular members. Create a loyalty program based on points that can be  redeemed for discounts, goods or experiences. Create a leaderboard and give the first 10 best ranked a gift card or coupon.

Take Your Team’s Performance to the Next Level

Accelerate innovation and transform the work space into a more productive and less tedious environment. Encourage a sense of accomplishment, stimulate the right actions, generate efficiency and productivity. See how the Mambo Gamification Software is helping companies get better results, and how you can use gamification at your company.

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Join us for a live demo

We would be delighted to take you through our gamification platform and answer any questions you might have.

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