Gamification use cases

Find out how you can use Gamification to drive engagement and boost performance in your business.

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More than 5M+ users engaged around the world.

A flexible enterprise gamification platform that scales according to your company needs

 Digital Transformation is knocking at every industry’s door. Markets are changing faster than ever, competition is more intense, new security threats and regulations are emerging and customer expectations have never been higher. Set daily, weekly and monthly goals for your sales team, contact center, students, employees and clients. Help your employees with on-boarding process, track behaviours in real-time, reward achievements and drive desirable actions. Manage behaviours with Mambo’s flexible, scalable, secure and compliant platform.

Key use cases of Mambo Platform

Set your goals. Track behaviours. Increase performance.
Call Center Engagement

Level up call centers metrics and efficiency. Set goals, reward, get real-time performance.

Sales Motivation & Performance

 Use the dynamic of gamification technics to increase motivation and generate deals. 

Real-Time Performance Management

Boost the workforce performance in your company. Get the right results.

Channel Motivation

Get a clear vision into the achievements, targets and forecasts.

Development Teams

Set targets and use KPI’s to  measure developers performance. 

Custom Apps

Create custom challenges and increase engagement with your App.

Learning & Training

Capture the learner’s attention and commitment with learning.

Customer Loyalty

Trigger positive emotions. Increase customer satisfaction and sales.

Employee Onboarding & Development

Improve new employees orientation and speed their productivity with motivation.

Community  Engagement

Reward your users for their contributions.

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We’ll take you through the platform and answer any questions you have.

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Join us for a live demo

We’ll take you through the platform and answer any questions you have.

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