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Use gamification in professional services to draw staff out of their comfort zones with competitions, firm-wide recognition and teamwork.

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Upgrade your workforce’s performance

 Creating a driven, motivated and high performance culture within an organisation is a difficult challenge. As is ensuring your lawyers, accountants or consultants are committed to their work and the company’s objectives. Not to mention that companies all over the world face the growing challenge of workforce retention and employee engagement.

Use gamification as a way to communicate your company vision. Give people the information, tools and resources they need to move towards it. Set clear expectations, allow room for improvement and recognise achievements. Focus on positive reinforcement and constant support, measuring quality and quantity of results.

The benefits of gamification in professional services

  • Enhance project management skills

  • Accelerate learning and development

  • Ensure adherence to workflows

  • Increase customer experience and retention

  • Reinforce important information and behaviours

  • Improve response to audits, regulatory & compliance tasks

  • Boost performance in call centers, crm, sales team, or any other sector of your company

  • Increase contracts due to improved services

  • Reduce absenteeism

Gamification examples in professional services

Ensure adherence to regulatory compliance

Make sure rules, guidelines, specifications, internal policies, or laws are followed. Well-informed employees means less risk, legal costs, fines and reputational damage. Reinforce learning and reward people for performing desired behaviours.

Improve call center performance metrics

Keep your workforce engaged, educated and satisfied. Motivate employees to achieve goals. Recognise their efforts. Measure their results to reduce absenteeism, average hold time, average abandonment rate, and agent turn-over.

Maximise use of internal processes

Documenting repeatable processes is an important part of any professional services firm. Consistent performance is delivered thanks to these processes. Provide incentives for consultants to follow your processes and maximise your successful projects.

Clearly communicate your company’s goals

Let employees know what’s expected of them individually and collectively. Group employees into departments or teams. Create tasks and objectives. Track behaviours for positive reinforcement and support. Highlight strengths and offer tangible rewards.

Speed up time to billability

Turn your on-boarding process into a positive experience. Make people billable faster. Give them clear career development paths for the short and long term. Design engaging leadership training for your key resources.

Stay relevant with your clients

The breadth of offerings you offer your customers can be daunting. Provide them with a system where they can learn about your products and services. Guide them through your offerings in a rewarding way and keep them always up to date.

Take Your Team’s Performance to the Next Level

Accelerate innovation and transform the work space into a more productive and less tedious environment. Encourage a sense of accomplishment, stimulate the right actions, generate efficiency and productivity. See how the Mambo Gamification Software is helping companies get better results, and how you can use gamification at your company.

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Join us for a live demo

We would be delighted to take you through our gamification platform and answer any questions you might have.

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