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Enhance motivation and reinforce sales processes

Implement Gamification in channels to reward partners and distributors for their effort, time and sales achievements. With Mambo you can:

  • Create reward programs
  • Set clear goals and expectations
  • Incentivise product learning
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Optimize channel incentive programs

Transparently show reps their performance versus the company’s expectations

Everyone is competing for your partners attention. Increased competition means it’s harder to establish long-term channel partnerships built on a preference for your product. Evolve your channel strategy using gamification to focus on rewarding positive behaviours.

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Measure and improve channel metrics

Recognise achievements and reinforce positive behaviours as they happen

Allow channel partners to get a real-time perspective on their targets. Ensure sellers engagement and increase sales KPIs.

Channel gamification platform to expand your distribution base

Sales gamification platform to drive performance

Engage channel partners to stock and sell more of your products! Reward sales above target and give discounts on purchases above an agreed level.

Allow your sales team to get a real-time perspective on daily goals and help managers to track crucial sales KPIs. Reward individually or colletive for increasing sales growth, sales target, lead conversion rate, sell-through rate or average purchase value.

Up to 45% increase in sales metrics

40% increase in company productivity

Gamify to motivate channel partners’ training 

Sales gamification platform to boost onboarding and training 

Create engaging training programs and provide channel partners  with a dynamic:

  • Onboarding process
  • Continuous sales training
  • Product training
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Create a personalised experience and build a high engagement culture

Create a personalised experience and build a high engagement culture

Make your own levels, leaderboards, competitions and rewards based on an advanced points-system to engage your:

  • account executives
  • sales development reps
  • sales specialists
  • customer success reps
  • sales managers
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Top gamification benefits for channel motivation

Use Mambo as your secure enterprise gamification solution, where leaderboards, KPIs and more can be securely accessed and managed from any device.

Motivate channel partners to improve in areas such as technical training of your products, marketing, industry expertise, or sales training.

Modernize an outdated training model. Encourage a more active and motivated call center. Well-trained and educated employees are critical for customer satisfaction.

Real-time tracking of sales activities means that providing visibility into your sales process and outcomes is straightforward.

Create a path to greater profitability for channel partners. Base the evolution on their performance and their level of engagement with your brand and products.

Exponentially increase product acquisitions, offering different benefits at each level achieved. Recognising exceptional efforts and rare achievements.

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