The Beginner’s  Gamification Guide

Welcome to our gamification guide! If you want to conquer engagement and explore the best source of information in this galaxy, wander no more. You have come to the right place to start your gamification learning journey.

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 Chapter 1:

Gamification definition

Welcome to the beginning of your learning journey. In Chapter 1, we’ll discuss the definition of gamification and its origins. We’ll also differentiate between gamification, serious games, and game-based learning. Additionally, we’ll explore the growth of gamification and its usage by various regions and industries. Lastly, we’ll take a glimpse at the future of gamification.

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Chapter 2:

Content theories of motivation

In Chapter 2, you’ll discover what really motivates us. Here you’ll learn the 7 main theories of motivation presented by the leading psychologists in this space. We’ll also dive into the difference between content theories of motivation and process theories of motivation.

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Chapter 3:

Process theories of motivation and business applications

It’s finally time to understand how motivation happens. In chapter 3, the process theories of motivation try to demonstrate the steps through which behaviour can happen. Let’s find out how we can increase the chances of a positive outcome.

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Chapter 4:

Behaviour change using gamification

In this chapter, we’ll learn all about the stages of behaviour change, feedback loops, social theories and rewards. How can people be conditioned to create both positive and negative behaviour changes? This is what we are going to discover!

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Chapter 5:

How gamification in apps impacts brain performance

Why does Gamification increase user engagement, motivation, and help to learn better and faster while having fun on the way? It’s time to uncover the secrets of neuroscience and the 5 key neurotransmitters that impact our brain and actions.

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Chapter 6:

Gamification components and design principles

Why do we gamify things? What are the key components that makeup gamification, including fun, game mechanics, and dynamics? Let’s explore the answers to these questions and gain insights into the critical design rules and various player/gamer types involved in gamification.

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 Chapter 7:

Gamification design frameworks

Are you interested in designing engaging and effective gamified products and services? Then you won’t want to miss our next chapter! This highly anticipated topic is one of the most important discussions in our Guide. Don’t miss the chance to learn how gamification design operates across different areas. Join us and discover the exciting world of gamification design frameworks.

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 Chapter 8:

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