The Beginner’s  Gamification Guide

Welcome to our gamification guide! If you want to conquer engagement and explore the best source of information in this galaxy, wander no more. You have come to the right place to start your gamification learning journey.

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Gamification Guide: Chapter 1

Gamification definition

This is where your gamification learning mission starts. In Chapter 1 you’ll cover what is gamification and what is not gamification. You’ll go through a little gamification history, where we uncover where gamification came from. Next, you’ll learn to differentiate gamification, serious games and game-based learning. Then, we’ll discover gamification’s growth and who is using gamification (by region and by industry). And finally, you’ll see what the future of gamification holds.

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Gamification Guide: Chapter 2

Content theories of motivation

In Chapter 2, you’ll discover what really motivates us. Here you’ll learn the 7 main theories of motivation presented by the leading psychologists in this space. We’ll also dive into the difference between content theories of motivation and process theories of motivation. 

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Gamification Guide: Chapter 3

Process theories of motivation