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Gamification in Performance Management

The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Your Employees

  • Learning and Development
  • Work environment
  • Career Development
  • Money and Benefits
  • Autonomy
  • Recognition
  • Transparency
  • Peer Motivation

Companies need to change the way they think about performance management. Today’s workplace is undergoing a massive revolution — with reorganisation and innovation. We have to consider exactly what employees need to support their physical, mental, and financial aspects. Using gamification in employee-centric initiatives helps companies to ensure an engaged, happier, healthier and more energetic workforce.

People Don’t Leave Jobs, They Leave Managers

Managers are more responsible for delivering positive employee engagement than anyone else in the business

70% of the variance in team-level engagement is based on the manager. This can be attributed to:

  • The manager’s talents
  • The manager’s level of engagement
  • Employee perceptions of the manager

How’s the Performance of Your Managers?

Strengthening team performance starts with you strengthening
your own manager performance

  • 26% of employees strongly agree their performance reviews are accurate
  • 2 in10 employees say their performance is
    managed in a way that motivates them to do outstanding work
  • 21% of employees agree they have performance metrics within their control
  • 30% of employees agree that their manager involves them in goal setting
  • Employees whose managers involve them in goal setting are 3.6x more likely than other employees to be engaged
  • 74% empployees who receive a performance review once a year or less often

Are Your Employees Motivated Enough?

Even the most skilled employee can underperform if they’re not sufficiently driven

  • 30% of employees agree that their manager involves them in goal setting
  • Only 22% agree their performance is managed in a way that motivates them
  • 19%of employees talks to their manager about steps to reach their goals

You can have the best employee experience strategy in your industry, but those who have the best bosses have the best experiences.

Do You Know What Motivates Employees Nowadays?

In the Past:

  • My Paycheck
  • My Satisfaction
  • My Job
  • My Boss
  • My Weaknesses
  • My Annual Review

In the Future:

  • My Purpose
  • My Development
  • My Coach
  • My Life
  • My Strengths
  • My Ongoing Conversations

The truth is that today’s worker is motivated by much more than a paycheck and job security.

They are looking for meaningful work, genuine relationships and personal growth.

Transforming Management with Gamification

Drive manager engagement in order to drive employee engagement

  • Job Clarity and priorities – 75% of employees with high role clarity are significantly more passionate about their job and report higher levels of job satisfaction than others
  • Opportunities to learn and grow – Making work fun increases employee skill retention in 40%. It also improve the speed at which learners find effective solutions through practice
  • Ongoing feedback and communication – Feedback tells users that their intended action was registered, and shows the
    outcomes of that action. Seeing points accumulate as actions are taken establishes a clear and instant reward system
  • Accountability: Being explicit about exactly what results you expect, hold employees accountable for delivering results
    and boost employee engagement, morale, and retention

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