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Gamification in Mobile Apps

Discover the secret to make people join and participate in your online community and spread the word about your it!

User Engagement – the key to make or break your app

  1. 55% of users who use an app in the first week after download will return to that app in the next three months.
  2. 82% of users who use an app in the second week after download will return to that app in the next three months.
  3. 37% of users who use an app after the second week after download will return to that app in the next three months.
  4. In 2018, 1 in 4 users abandon mobile apps after only one use.
  5. In 2019, 21% of applications downloaded by mobile app users worldwide will be  accessed once  after download.

Continual investment in engagement can prevent significant drop offs or create re-engagement surges. So, remember to engage early and don’t stop!

Engagement and Loyalty – the key to grow your app

Why is it important to engage and retain users?

  • More than 90%of consumers consider themselves highly loyal to their preferred brands.
  • 75% of consumers expect a consistent experiences when engaging with a website, an app, social media, etc.

What engagement can do for your app?

Highly engaged users are more likely to:

  • Make in-app purchases.
  • Recommend the app to friends or family.
  • Leave reviews.
  • Provide feedback.
  • Participate and grow an online community
  • Remain loyal to your brand

Gamification – the key to create passionate users

What is Gamification?

Gamification is the process of integrating game mechanics into something that already exists to motivate participation, engagement and loyalty.

This can be almost anything, from your website to social media presence, day-to-day operations, customer engagement and more.

  • More than 60% of the best performing online  communities used some gamification element.

Personalize User XP

86% of users  are more likely to do business with a company if it offers personalized experiences

Gamification Benefits

  1. Incentivize – give users tasks that they need to accomplish and then award credits and gifts once the user completes the behavior.
  2. Retain – develop a loyalty program to reward their most loyal users by giving bigger incentives to users who spend more time or money.
  3. Personalize – create a unique experience accordingly with your brand needs. Using your own narrative, custom points, levels, missions, rewards, etc.
  4. Make it Social – give users the chance to share their contributions or achievements with others. Allow peer-to-peer recognition with gifts or coupons.
  5. Encourage – users to become active participants in your online community. Give special privileges, status and badges for performing desired activities.
  6. Track Behaviours – define the most important KPI’s for your business. Monitor your users behaviours and reward
    every achievement.
  7. Challenge – users who know where they are going are more willing to go the extra mile and make progress after progress.
  8. Make it Fun – design an interesting app where users have fun to participate, are pleased to contribute, thrilled to compete and keen to win through intrinsic and extrinsic motivators.

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