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Boost your Call Center Performance with Gamification

The industry let’s us know that employee engagement is a real problem. A problem with real costs associated to it. The silverlining is that fixing this problem also has the potential to boost your profits and improve customer retention. So how do you keep your employees focused? What benefits can we get from using gamification in our call centers?

How engaged are your call center agents?

  • Only 33% of employees are currently engaged in their jobs
  • 30-45% is the avarage turn over rate for the call center industry
  • 370 billion a year is the financial impact of employee disengagement

Why is it important to motivate your agents?

  • A Harvard Business School study recently revealed that increasing customer retention rates by 5% skyrocketed profits by 25-95%
  • A study revealed companies that put in the effort to take their customer experience from avarage to awesome see 30-50%
  • Improvements in first call resolution alone typically improve customer retention by as much as 15-30%
  • 97% of global consumers say customer service impacts brand loyalty and their buying decisions according to a 2017 report from Microsoft
  • 82% of customers decide to discontinue doing business with a company that provides substandard customer service
  • 21% is the drop in future intent when a customer needs to make a second call to resolve an issue. On average customers make 2.3 calls

What Motivates Your Agents?

  • 57% Performance Recognition
  • 35% Team Competition
  • 21% Learn & Develop New Skills
  • 18% Promotion Opportunities
  • 15% Financial Incentives
  • 15% Corporate Values

How can Gamification Help You?

Benefits to Managers:

  • Help identify and reward high performers
  • Help recognize and help low performers
  • remoeve the perception of favoritism for one agent over another
  • Leverage data in a real way and have accurate performance reviews
  • Build agent morale bu recognising and reward those who exceed expectations

Benefits to Customers:

  • Surfaces the importance od customer feedback and timeliness in responses by agents
  • Increases urgency and ownership when correcting performance which means higher ticket turnovers
  • Motivates and incentivizes agents to make their customers’ happier
  • Happier customers leads to increases loyalty and a more profitable call center
  • Lower agent turnover by keeping them engaged in providing a consistently excellent service

Why use Gamification in Your Call Center?

Gamification can help you to:

  • Identify underachievers
  • Deliver targeted training
  • Achieve consistent service
  • Measure progress and developement
  • Ensure faster responses for all customers
  • Fill unnoticed service gaps
  • Adhere to your mission/goals
  • Cut down on staff churn
  • Enhance customer loyalty
  • Create a culture of caring

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