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Use Mambo’s gamification platform to build seamless gamified experiences that engage employees and customers.

100% Customizable. 100% Scalable. 100% Tailored to your needs.

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More than 5M+ users engaged around the world.

Reinforce positive behaviours and build better habits

Motivate your online users to complete tasks and achieve goals. The more activities completed, the stronger your company performance becomes.

Mambo Gamification platform motivates users in:

Financial services

Empower the digital financial workspace. Reward employees’ activities and manage their performance, motivation, learning and development.


Accelerate the rate with which your team achieves its targets. Provide real-time performance data and feedback by tracking activities.


Improve online public services. Reward civic actions and participation. Motivate citizens and employees to engage with your government initiatives.

More Industries

The right gamification platform to drive digital engagement

Check out what is truly possible with Mambo’s enterprise platform.

Contact center engagement

Improve call center metrics and efficiency. Set goals, reward actions, show real-time performance and give employees motivation to achieve their goals.

Real-time performance management

Boost the workforce performance of your company. Managers can set objectives and KPIs to know whether employees are achieving or falling short of their goals.

 Learning & training

Learn skills with a sense of accomplishment and achievement. Use competition based dynamics to increase speed of learning motivation and performance.

More Use Cases

360° Tailor made gamification solutions

Whether you need a plug-and-play solution or want a customised experience designed around your requirements, we have you covered.

Analyse the requirements, identify key metrics, define success criteria and design the gamification solution.


Turn the design into reality by customising the platform, turning mock-ups into screens and developing what is required.


Continuously monitor the key metrics and adjust the program until the desired success criteria are achieved.

Flexible and feature packed gamification platform

Mambo.IO provides a cloud and on-premise extensible Enterprise Gamification Platform. The Platform can be integrated into any system in order to increase employee productivity and stimulate customer loyalty.
  • Rewards System

  • Behaviour Tracking

  • Custom Points

  • Notifications

  • CRM

  • Templates

  • Level

  • Peer-to-peer Recognition

  • Leaderboards

  • Social Sharing

  • Coupons System

  • Missions

  • Rich Insights and Analytics

  • Access Control

  • Simulations

  • Purchase Tracking

  • Segmentation

  • Off-the-Shelf Widgets

  • Personalization

  • Activity Streams

  • Reusable Templates

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  • “We wanted to increase employee performance and motivation but we wanted this to be a seamless experience not an additional system for them to log into. We also wanted to create our own unique program customised to our banks organisation, needs, brand and culture. Mambo had everything we needed and their support is always very responsive and eager to help.”
    Arif Refik Senol
    Enterprise Applications Development Manager
  • “Mambo offered us the flexibility we needed to improve knowledge and performance across our development teams. Fully integrated into the developer’s journey, the platform provides feedback in real-time to keep developers on track.”
    Marcin Zreda
    Strategy Director for Legal & Corporate Market
  • “We needed a mobile app for all employees to bring all employees closer together. Mambo gave us a head start with all the underlying gamification functionalities and was quickly able to fill the gaps in peer-to-peer recognition when we asked.”
    Dieter Van Den Bosch
    Corporate Change & Culture Officer

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Join us for a live demo

We’ll take you through the platform and answer any questions you have.

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