Enhance Engagement and Make Call Center Smarter, Dynamic and More Productive

Use Gamification in contact centers to engage contact center agents to perform at their best using narratives, completion achievements, instant feedback and rewards.

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Gamification in contact center

Solve Difficult Customer Situations

Improve contact center metrics such as first-call resolution (FCR), average handle time (AHT), employee satisfaction (E-Sat) and customer satisfaction (C-Sat). Deploy a key strategic initiative using the Mambo enterprise gamification platform to drive the performance of your contact centers. Motivate your employees to give their best every day and keep your customers satisfied.

Ensure your company goals are understood. Provide agents with clear objectives and allow them to visually monitor their progress in real-time. Make training an integral part of your agents objectives and keep them always effective. Create teams and drive some friendly competition that boosts the behaviours which can change your business.

Gamification Solution For Contact Centers

Measure and Improve Contact Center Metrics

Objectives – allow managers and employees to get a real-time overview of their targets.  Keep KPI’s such as AHT, FCR, ASA and ABR in control. Ensure employee engagement and a quality service for your customers.

Make Call Center On-boarding Easy

Training – success lies in a combination of skills. Help new hires develop them quickly. Provide better on-boarding to problem-solving and communication skills.

Allow Full Product Knowledge

Learning – flatten the learning curve and keep your contact center motivated to understand your products inside out. Use positive reinforcement to help them retain important information.

 Top Gamification Benefits For Call Center

Create a custom gamification solution for managers and employees — where leaderboards, KPI’s and more can be securely accessed and managed.

Empower managers to track their team’s KPIs and follow their progress in relation to each other. Reward high performers and help low performers with training.

Modernize an outdated training model. Encourage a more active and motivated call center. Well-trained and educated employees are critical for customer satisfaction.

Create a seamless work environment where favouritism and attrition are low thanks to a reward system based on employees’ performance and outcomes.

Give goals, recognition and measure agents results to reduce absenteeism, average hold time, average abandonment rate, and agent turn-over.

Securely on-board new hires who need to be up-to-date on your company. Ensure training for branding, corporate values, product portfolio, risk mitigation, safety and compliance.

Take Your Team’s Performance to the Next Level 

Accelerate innovation and transform the work space into a more productive and less tedious environment. Encourage a sense of accomplishment, stimulate the right actions, generate efficiency and productivity. See how the Mambo Gamification Software is helping companies get better results, and how you can use gamification at your company.

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