Support Case Status

The table below provides definitions for all the possible support case statuses that your requests can be found in.

Case StatusDefinition
NewThe case has been created in the system and is awaiting assignment to a support team member.
OpenThe case has been assigned to a support team member and the initial investigation is taking place.
Waiting for CustomerThe case has been responded to by the support team and is awaiting either: (a) customer feedback, or (b) a resolution has been proposed.
Waiting for SupportThe case has been responded to by the customer and is awaiting a response from the support team member.
Waiting for EngineeringThe case has been identified as either a bug or a product enhancement and has been sent to the Engineering team.
Waiting for ReleaseThe case has been fixed by the Engineering team and is now scheduled for release with a support pack or a new version of the platform. Once released the case will move to Resolved.
ResolvedThe case has been resolved and no further action is required.
ClosedThe case has been addressed (and was not a software issue) or the customer has abandoned the issue and not responded to further requests.
ReopenedThe case has been closed but the customer has added new information to the case which warrants new attention. The status will be set to Open once a support team member is assigned.