Enhancement Request Policy

Mambo.IO encourages customers to contribute improvements, recommendations and suggestions for our future releases. The Enhancement Request Policy helps governs is here to describe describes how enhancement requests will be handled by the Mambo team.

What is an Enhancement Request?

Enhancements come in two flavours:

  • A piece of functionality that is not present in the code or in the documentation.
  • A piece of functionality that works as documented but not as you would like it to work.

Enhancements should not be confused with Bugs which are when the functionality does not work as it is intended to.

Creating an Enhancement Request

Enhancement requests can be made through the Mambo Support Portal by selecting the Enhancement Request option.

Enhancement Request Process

Once an Enhancement Request is made through the Mambo Support Portal it is set to the “Waiting for Engineering” status. The request is then added to Mambo.IO’s primary backlog where it will be considered for upcoming releases based on a number of criteria:

  • Customer contact: we make an effort to reach out and be in constant communication with our customers which provides us with valuable insight into their needs and desires.
  • Customer support: similar features requests are aggregated and the number of requests for a feature will influence the decision making process.
  • Product strategy: whether the enhancement fits into the general product direction or usage criteria.