Product Support Policy

While Mambo strives to produce the best quality software applying stringent testing, it is virtually impossible to test against all scenarios and software environments. Occasionally issues may arise which impact the functionality or performance of the platform.

The goal of the Product Lifecycle Support Policy is to provide information regarding our Product Lifecycle and the different support states a product can be in. This policy lays out how product issues will be handled by the Mambo Support Team.

Product Support Lifecycle

The table below provides a detailed description of the Mambo product support phases and transition dates.

Phase / DateDescription
General Availability DateAfter a product is made Generally Available, it is considered to be in the Full Support Phase.
Full Support PhaseDuring this phase Mambo will provide full support services and code-fixes in the form of minor versions, hotfixes, or service packs when Mambo determines they are required to resolve issues with the product. Mambo customers may be required to upgrade to a minor version, service pack or hotfix to receive continued maintenance. Full support is provided to customers with a current support contract (customer terms & conditions apply).
End of Maintenance DateAfter a product reaches it End of Maintenance date, it is considered to be in the Limited Support Phase.
Limited Support PhaseDuring this phase the following guidelines apply: (a) Customers may be directed to existing fixes, patches and workarounds; (b) Customers may be directed to upgrade to a more current version / release of the product; (c) Bug fixes will be considered on a case by case basis at Mambo's discretion; (d) Mambo will not implement further enhancements or improvements for products / versions / releases in this support phase.

The decision to move products into the Limited Support Phase is based on the desire to provide customers with the latest functionality and stable solutions available through new products, versions or releases. The lifecycle for Mambo products is influenced by customer requests for new capabilities and constantly evolving technologies.
End of Life DateAfter a product reaches it End of Life date, it is considered to be in the Knowledge Base / Community Support Phase.
Open Source DateOur commitments to the Open Source community means that as often as possible products will be merged into their Open Source counter parts and handed over to the Mambo Community.
Knowledge Base / Community Support PhaseDuring this phase the product will no longer be maintained. It will still be possible to get help from the community or by searching the Knowledge Base or other online resource, however, this information is no longer updated and is provided on an as-is basis.

The table below provides a summary of the Product Support Lifecycle.

Support OptionFull Support PhaseLimited Support PhaseKnowledge Base / Community Support Phase
Hotfix maintenance (bug fixes)Yes
Feature enhancementsYes
New hardware supportYes *
Up-to-date Knowledge BaseYesYes
Security hotfix maintenanceYesYes *
Paid technical supportYesYes
Self-help resourcesYesYesYes

* considered on a case by case basis.

Product Versioning

The Mambo products are versioned according to the Semantic Versioning 2.0.0 specification. The table below provides a high level overview of the versioning and the naming conventions used by Mambo.

Version NumberMambo products use a three-place numbering scheme as specified by the Semantic Versioning specification with a different naming convention. The naming convention is R.SP.HF, where R indicates the Release, SP indicates the Service Pack and HF indicates the Hot Fix. When referring to product versions it is common to leave out the Hot Fix portion, so version 4.2 will generally refer to the latest Hot Fix applicable e.g. 4.2.3
Release (R)This corresponds to the MAJOR version from the Semantic Versioning specification and indicates incompatible API changes.
Support Pack (SP)This corresponds to the MINOR version from the Semantic Versioning specification and indicates that new functionality has been added in a backwards-compatible manner.
Hot Fix (HF)This corresponds to the PATCH version from the Semantic Versioning specification and indicates backwards-compatible bug fixes.

Product Support Status

The table below provides the current support status for the Mambo.IO Platform.

ProductSupport PhaseGeneral Availability DateEnd of Maintenance DateEnd of Life Date
Version 4.xKnowledge Base Support01/01/201530/06/201631/12/2016
Version 5.xLimited Support20/04/201601/06/202431/12/2024
Version 6.xFull Support01/07/2023