March 21, 2024

Using Gamification in Business to Increase Performance

.tatsu-ByMm3iLFRT.tatsu-text-block-wrap .tatsu-text-inner{width: 100%;text-align: left;}.tatsu-ByMm3iLFRT.tatsu-text-block-wrap{margin: 0px 0px 0px 0px;} There was a time when gamification in business used to be a buzzword. But times have changed, and this strategic approach is becoming a potent tool for businesses. Companies nowadays are fighting tooth and nail to keep their employees sharp and their customers happy.   The brightest managers are turning to modern tools like gamification to engage employees and customers and carve out market share. Once you do
July 28, 2022

31 App Engagement Strategies That Will Make You A Winner

.tatsu-rJrl3zG-eT5.tatsu-text-block-wrap .tatsu-text-inner{width: 100%;text-align: left;} App engagement is the process of attracting and retaining users to a mobile application. But why would you want to do this? It’s simple, to build brand loyalty, brand awareness and increase your sales. Today, we’ll discuss some app engagement strategies that are proven to work and how you should think about UX and design to aid in adoption and uptake. Read on for app engagement strategies that will make you
June 20, 2022

Digital Engagement: The Best Tools To Increase Results

.tatsu-Bki-DufgXnc.tatsu-text-block-wrap .tatsu-text-inner{width: 100%;text-align: left;} What are the best tools to use in your digital engagement strategy? .tatsu-HJxbu2my72c.tatsu-text-block-wrap .tatsu-text-inner{width: 100%;text-align: left;} If you really need to boost your business bottom line, digital engagement should form a core component of your customer experience approach. .tatsu-Hyg-QaXyQhq.tatsu-text-block-wrap .tatsu-text-inner{width: 100%;text-align: left;} Not only boosting engagement can increase customer loyalty, but also frequency and advocacy. So, the knock-on effects are all beneficial to your organisation. .tatsu-S1HeUEE1Q3c.tatsu-text-block-wrap .tatsu-text-inner{width: 100%;text-align: left;} Table of
April 6, 2022

Top Intrinsic Motivations to Build a High-Performance Culture

.tatsu-H1tTqWs79.tatsu-empty-space{height: 30px;}.tatsu-SyjDfxjmq.tatsu-text-block-wrap .tatsu-text-inner{width: 100%;text-align: left;} Intrinsic motivations are powerful. Our tasks, goals, habits and willpower are driven by motivators: intrinsic and extrinsic. Without them, we would do nothing. We would create nothing. In short, intrinsic motivations are internal – your drivers are based on personal satisfaction. Then you have extrinsic motivations which are external. It’s the rewards you can earn like prizes and titles.  But we’ll explain exactly what that means and why it matters.
March 7, 2022

How to Create Effective Digital Customer Engagement

.tatsu-BJP-y5Pl5.tatsu-text-block-wrap .tatsu-text-inner{width: 100%;text-align: left;} Creating customer engagement is one of the many ways that companies can boost their bottom line. But, what are the quick wins in digital customer engagement that you can tap into for competitive advantage? Overall, what do your customers want? How can you leverage gamification to meet those expectations? And, what does that process look like? Launching a goal-focused programme is critical to its success. Thankfully, there are some effective steps